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QUEDRONOL, ESPÍRITU [with socializing] (CD)

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Compact Disc in Jewel Case, in partnership with socializing.

Contains Quedronol's album, "Espíritu", an 11 track project, now on CD.

This release is a partnership with the label socializing, their website available here. Special thanks to socializing for collaboration on this release!


  1. star faced
  2. Not Now
  3. Hydrangea
  4. Wrong
  5. Nosey, not like it used to be
  6. A signal
  7. You Forge This Path
  8. beachcatcher
  9. Spirit
  10. Ivy Mountain
  11. Fiddler's

by Quedronol 2022, in partnership with socializing. CDs ship out ~7 days after order.